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Cheap Viagra 100 mg onlineEveryone heard about Viagra. It is available under manifold labels and produced in multiple forms. Viagra 100 mg is a classic dose of preparation. The treatment course is allowed to start after receiving complete consultation about the drug at medical center. Your doctor will provide you irrefragable and individual information about what is Viagra: how does it work, is it safe and how often it can be taken. Start taking the pill after consulting your doctor.

You can purchase Viagra easily at local chemist’s shop providing doctor’s prescription. If you find out that 300 tablets of Viagra 100 mg cost too much, you can easily buy the preparation online for cheap price.


Generic Viagra 100 mg Description


Generic Viagra is a medicine for ED (erectile dysfunction). This preparation returns sexual activity to men and helps to overcome the phallus problems. The drug is appropriated in cases when the sufferer can not reach erection being in considerably sexual condition, feeling the psychological worries or his sexual contact stops before receiving orgasm. Generic Viagra 100 mg successfully deals with most ED symptoms, staves off attending adversities.

Generic Viagra is a blue medicine, similar to its brand analogue due to equivalent chemical formula. 100 milligram is a standard dose which is fairy enough for significantly hard erection and is extremely suitable for an average duration of sexual intercourse. Effectiveness of generic Viagra is clinically proven and recognized as the first non-invasive therapy method of impotency.


Viagra 100 mg Mechanism of Action


The vast majority of men’s sexual failures happens due to lack of proper blood circulation in penis. The palliative treatment of Viagra 100 mg guarantees quick and high effect. Active ingredient sildenafil citrate refers to the group of PDE5-inhibitors.

PDE5 ferment is the main form of PDE (phosphodiesterase) in smooth muscle tissue of the phallus. Generic Viagra counterpoises the PDE5 effect curtailing its count. This leads to hydrolysis of Guanosine Monophosphate (cGMP) and increasing its concentration. Therefore, PDE5 inhibitor do not call erection itself but facilitate its development. Relaxing smooth muscle tissue, it promotes widening arteries and assures the necessary for erection artery blood flowing.

As the result, blood filled phallus stays hard and is perfect for sexual contact.


How to Take Viagra 100 Tablets?


Visiting urologistGeneric Viagra 100 mg is stated for men with erectile dysfunction who belong to age group 25-55 y.o. How to take Viagra tabs:

  • visit urologist first for detailed consultation;
  • best time to take the pill is 1 hour before sexual intercourse;
  • do not chew, powder or break the pill before you gulp it down;
  • drink it along with a glass of water for the best result;
  • daily rate is one pill;
  • if your doctor allowed to enlarge the dose to two pills, the break between next medication must be at least 24 hours.

Overdose by generic Viagra might cause serious health problems, apply for medical assistance immediately. Precautions must be considered during the generic Viagra treatment course.

General instructions:

  • void the tasks which demand focus and concentration such as driving or riding, the remedy often calls vertigo which may become a reason of accident;
  • men of 55-60 y.o. should receive detailed information at medical center regarding dosage and stay of health;
  • reject from heavy fat meals, alcohol drinks, grapefruit and grapefruit juice, this food spoils the drug effect;
  • generic Viagra mustn’t be used by your female partner even mistakenly, it may lead to health adversities;
  • do not use another PDE5 inhibitors along with generic Viagra, exaggerated effect is dangerous for health and life.

If you notice any wrong health conditions during generic Viagra treatment, contact your doctor immediately.


Side Effects


Among the most frequent side symptoms are stomach upsets, headache, anxious behavior, blushing. Infrequent cases include nosebleed, sleeplessness, different nasal discharges. Detailed list of adverse effects and their frequency is below.


Major Side Effects Minor Side Effects
Less often Rare Less often Rare
Cystitis Blurred vision Muscles ache Cough
Burning pains in chest and /or stomach Anxious feeling Bloody nose Stomach cramps
Itch and pricking Unequal behavior Pain in eyes and cheeks Earache
Unnatural urine color Eye bleeding Abundant nasal secretions Hypersalivation
Frequent and painful urination Blurred and abnormal vision Trouble breathing Nausea
Vertigo Bones pain Stomach problems Vomiting
Dyspepsia Chilling Red color of the skin Insomnia
Frailty in stomach Fast irregular heart beating Unusually warm skin Depression


Not every symptom needs medical assistance. As soon as organism gets used to the drug, side effect may stop. Ask your doctor about a side symptom and how long does it last. If it continues and makes you worried, there is a sense to stop using the preparation.


Viagra Interaction


Interaction of Viagra with other tabletsIf you are taking other medicines, you should inform your doctor about this. There are three main classes of drugs which collaborate with Viagra directly.

  1. Nitrates. Medications for chest pains or angina treatment in people with heart diseases. Dilating blood vessels alike Viagra, these preparations may be a reason of blood pressure dropping. Medicines that low blood pressure increase the level of danger. Patient may feel weakness in any form right up to heart attack or stroke. Therefore, mixing Viagra with Nitrates is contraindicated.
  2. Macrolides. Antibiotics class which is used for different infections treatment. Macrolides hinder metabolizing process of Viagra, causing its high concentration in blood. Maximally allowed dosage of Viagra during antibiotics course is 25 mg. Patient should adhere this dosing schedule or wait until antibiotics course is finished.
  3. Protease Inhibitors. This class of drugs is used for treatment of HIV/AIDS and hepatitis C. Medicines increase blood levels, prolonging erection with dangerous consequences. Maximum dosage of protease inhibitors along with Viagra is 25 mg in a 48-hour period.

Ask for medical advice about all kinds of medicines which you take before starting Viagra course, including herbal preparations and dietary supplements.


Users Reviews


Users reviews show that patients are generally satisfied with the results of generic Viagra, though most of them notice short term side effects. Some patients did not feel the effect. Generic Viagra does not impact negatively on the organism if medical recommendations were observed.

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